Duo Temptation

JOD 10.00

Character duo temptation offers a perfect vivid and matte finish with the high shine of the moisturizing gloss its the ideal mix of matte and gloss in one go.
Long-lasting two-step liquid lipstick: An extraordinary combination of base colors and lip gloss with an intense and radiant finish. The color is set onto the lips for a result that lasts up to 12 hours.
Base color: The formula, enriched with a combination of film-like polymers, ensures maximum comfort, optimum adherence to the lips, and even color.
Smudge-proof, with a very quick drying time.
Lip gloss: the softening action formula gives the lips a bright and radiant finish.
Even and smooth-gliding application.
The packaging comes with two applicators suited to different textures: the flocked base color applicator ensures high precision coverage, while the fiber lip gloss applicator guarantees that the right amount of product is used. The design is functional, elegant, and easily distinguishable. Available in numerous super-trendy shades.
How to Apply:
Use the lipstick applicator first for perfect application and to give definition to your lips. For a tinge of color and shiner full high-definition pucker, use the brush applicator of the gloss to give a matte plus glossy effect. The gloss can solely be used to lend moisturization to the lips.

Duo Temptation CDU

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